On November 4 2016, Mike Barger, Co-Owner and Founder of Barger Realty, tragically passed away. Mike was a husband, father, brother, son and an all-around great guy. A loving, caring, loyal man to his family and friends, Mike also touched many lives through his job at Gerbers and later as a Little Debbie distributor. He always tried to make everyone in the room feel appreciated no matter the situation, which was one of many reasons Barger Realty found success. Mike was great to be around because of his wisdom and charming sense of humor. He knew the value of contributing to the local community and made every effort to shop local and give back whenever possible. Above all else, Mike loved his wife and three children, and cherished his grandchildren. Although both his family and Barger Realty suffered from this loss, Mike’s values, morals, and memory continue on.